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X-Yachts Xp 44

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Location:Annapolis, MD

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During the Xperformance design process, Velocity Prediction Programs were utilised to optimise each yacht’s hull shape. This confirmed to the design team that it was key to slightly reduce the overall displacement – whilst actually increasing the power. This was achieved by creating a heavier keel bulb yet keeping the overall design light by use of advanced build techniques and high-tech materials. The high ballast to weight ratio gives great stability and ensures the Xp 44 is equally well-mannered whether carrying a racing sailplan and full complement of crew on the rail, or flying a cruising chute as it eats up the miles for a husband and wife bluewater cruise. Hull design is another factor that influences a yacht’s power, stability and responsiveness. Key features of the Xp range are a reduced upright beam waterline and wetted surface area, whilst the power of the hull shape increases as the boat heels. The Xp 44 transom shape is designed to increase in waterline length as the windspeed builds and the boat powers up, thus further extending the top speed. Careful buoyancy distribution ensures that the powerful, wider aft sections are immersed and so the boat trims correctly fore and aft. An additional benefit is that the increased forward flare in the topsides makes the Xp 44 an easier boat to drive at full power downwind – whether racing or cruising. The above factors combine to make the Xp range faster, safer, and hugely enjoyable to sail: truly performance without compromise.

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