5 tips when buying a boat

Bunk Size

An often overlooked detail is the bunk size of the boat.  Every boat is different and often the same hull will have multiple interior arrangements.  Be sure to lay down in every bunk, including the settees to get a feel for the bunk and to be sure you fit.  Don’t be bashful and get horizontal. 

Sight Lines

Having good sightlines is important and every person will see things differently as their heights vary.  Stand at the helm and look around.  Can you see the swim platform?  Can you see the bow?  Now imagine backing into a slip with a crosswind.  See what I mean?


Buying a boat is exciting and it is easy to dive below to see the interior spaces while overlooking the place you will spend the majority of your time - the cockpit.  How does the combing feel against your back?  Are the bench seats too low?   Are the seats comfortable enough for your guests to feel like they are in the lap of luxury?  Just sitting around has never been so important. 


Are the flybridge stairs too steep?  Does the fiddle in the galley give you a charley horse every time you bump it?  People fit into boats differently and designers try hard to accommodate as many body types as possible.  Some boats will fit you better than others.  Once the glossy woodwork and polished metals stop twinkling take a deep breath and move around.  Imagine you are in a seaway and the boat is moving underfoot.  Will you be comfortable?


Condition.  Condition. Condition is the equivalent of location in real estate.  The best value in a pre-owned boat is a boat that has been well cared for. You will end up spending more money and certainly more time bringing a tired boat back to life than you would by paying a premium for a well-maintained example.  Wait for the best. It’s worth it..


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