We love RIBs (Rigid Inflatable Boats). Here's why:

You may have noticed a RIB pass you at high speed while cruising around the harbor. You've most definitely seen them operated by the coast guard and harbor master.  These fast, comfortable and reliable boats are our absolute favorite. Read on to learn why.While RIBs often look fast and furious, skimming the water's sur...

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Fan of the Golden Globe Race? We are and would like to congratulate Kirsten Neuschafer and all of the competitors. The GGR is a solo non stop around the world race that prevents the use of modern technology such as GPS and allows only technology that was available in 1968 when Sir Robert Knox-Johnson set the record for being the first person to do ...

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Boating in The Bahamas - A (Very Recent) Insider's Guide on What to Bring

Staring out at the open sea, we monitor the changing color of the water. Each passing mile seems to bring another hue. Bright turquoise has given way to emerald to deep blue and now finally dark green. Our time in The Bahamas has come to an end. We knew this day was coming, but seeing the murkier water & busy skyline of Ft Lauderdale has m...

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Feeling the Groove

A little over 2 months of cruising in The Bahamas and we are definitely in the groove, which must mean that we just don't care as much as we used to about clean hair, dry clothes and fresh sheets. Accessing a locker under 3 cushions to grab a can of soda or digging out pancake mix from the stowage under our bunk doesn't require the same grunts and ...

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One Month Confessions

I realize what is happening back home & how lucky I am to be here, with my family, in a warm, natural, gorgeous safe place. I struggle each time I sit down to gather my thoughts. I ask myself if sharing this blog is insensitive or written in poor taste. However, I know that in the following years - when this experience is only a memory.. these ...

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Bull Sharks & Conch Salad - We Have Arrived

Our weather window to depart Fort Lauderdale, FL for Bimini, Bahamas came on January 7th. With  our roadside Covid tests showing negate results, we made a plan to leave around 6am, as the wind was due to pick up in the early afternoon.  Though Forbes can be  a restless one and I heard the ...

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Snorkeling: The Only Mask Required

The idea of spending the winter aboard our boat, cruising in the Bahamas, came to us after months of daily life during a pandemic. Inspired by our many adventurous clients and realizing that we could both live, work & educate our kids all from our own home presented us with a unique opportunity. If we can comfortably do this...

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Propellers : The Sails You Don't See

As more and more sailors make the transition from sailboats to power the importance of understanding basic propeller theory is important. Like your sails, the propeller's performance is directly linked to its size and shape and this article was designed to touch on the importance of boat propeller tuning from a sailor's perspective. Moving a boat w...

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X-Yachts introduces the X5.6

X-Yachts announced its latest design. The X56  joins the successful and critically acclaimed Pure X Range. Launching 2021! The X56 is a fifty-six-foot performance cruising yacht designed with serious cruising in mind; be that crossing the Atlantic, or exploring beautiful Mediterranean islands. The X56 joins the hugely succe...

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The Latest Issue of Sail Magazine Features the X4⁰

 X-Yachts celebrated their 40th anniversary with the launch of their latest 40 foot cruising sailboat, the X4⁰, last summer.  X-Yachts might be getting older, but this covergirl will always turn heads. Read Sail Magazine's review about this all new X4⁰ -  the smallest model in the pure X range; blending ...

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X-Yachts at the Rolex Fastnet Race 2019

Xp 50 Freya captured in a perfect -moment rounding the Fastnet Rock. Freya made Line Honours in 3d 2h 5m 21s and was thereby the first X-Yacht to cross the finish line in Plymouth. Top five fastest X-Yachts (Line Honours): 1. Xp 50, Freya – 3d 2h 5m 21s2. Xp 44, Warrior Won – 3d 2h 46m 47s3. Xp 44, Orange Mecanix – 3d 4h 41m 10s4. Xp 44, Xtra Staer...

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