Fan of the Golden Globe Race? We are and would like to congratulate Kirsten Neuschafer and all of the competitors. The GGR is a solo non stop around the world race that prevents the use of modern technology such as GPS and allows only technology that was available in 1968 when Sir Robert Knox-Johnson set the record for being the first person to do ...

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Bluewater Cruising in Ancient Egypt?

When we think of Ancient Egypt, we think of  the pyramids, the desert, the Nile, mummies and the afterlife. Most of us don't think of sailing. However, boats are the common thread that tie these symbols of Ancient Egypt together.

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Buying a Bluewater Boat

Thinking about purchasing a bluewater sailboat? Check out our article in Latitudes Magazine on choosing the perfect one.

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" K A T A N A "/kəˈtɑːnə/noun1. a long, curved single-edged sword traditionally used by Japanese samurai. X-Yachts Xp44  " K A T A N A "  is here.If you sail the Chesapeake, you may catch a glimpse of her transom this summer. For a closer look, join us at the Annapolis Sailboat Show this Fall.  

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A Journey to X-Yachts

No, you are not looking at Sir Richard Branson's SpaceShip. This is a photograph of a brand new X-Yachts Xp44 (& her excited owner) shown in the spotless X-Yachts Production facility in Haderslev, Denmark. She is currently aboard a 7 Star Transport Ship en route to her new home in Annapolis, MD. Below, New X-Yachts are in various stages of comp...

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The Yacht (broker) Life

Interested in learning about the exciting life as Yacht Broker? Listen to this podcast of Andy Schell of 59 North, Ltd. interviewing Forbes Horton in our Annapolis office.

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Spring Snow

The beautiful Selene 53, "Bella" doesn't mind a little Spring showers snow during her survey & sea trial!

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New Listings

Forbes Horton Yachts is pleased to offer a variety of Sail & Power Vessels new to the brokerage market. We may be dodging blizzards these days, but the sun filled weekends of summer are not far off!  Whether you have weekend jaunts to St. Michaels in mind or are aiming to win the next Bermuda race we are here to make it happen regardless of you...

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X-Yachts Xc-35 Named Boat of the Year!

As predicted, the Xc-35 from X-Yachts has won over the critics on both sides of the Atlantic and has been awarded the prestigious Sail Magazine award for the best monohull 31-40ft.  The Xc series has filled a niche in the market in that it is ideally suited for those who like sailing fast without leaving comfort at the dock.  The Xc series is best ...

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X-Yachts XC 35 Sailing on the Chesapeake Bay

We had a great 2014 Annapolis Sailboat Show last week. We placed 3 new orders for  2015 X-Yachts and are excited to have an XC 35 right here at Bert Jabin's Yacht Yard. She is available for tours, test sails and purchase. Take a look at how she gently slices through the waters of the Chesapeake Bay on a test sail last week.[embed]https://www.youtub...

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Xc 35 Review

Read this review of X-Yachts XC 35 from Bob Perry of Sailing Magazine and then come visit us next week at the Annapolis Sailboat Show to review this vessel for yourself. The Annapolis Sailboat Show will take place October 9-13 at City Dock, Annapolis. See you there!

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Annapolis to Bermuda Race Begins Friday!

 The 19th biennial Annapolis to Bermuda (A2B) Race leaves from the Eastport Yacht Club on Friday, June 6th.  Be sure to track the progress of the race here.The first Annapolis To Bermuda Race was established in 1979 with seven yachts that competed informally. The organizers determined there was sufficient interest for this type of race and it becam...

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The Blue Angels are Back!

The Blue Angels returned with an incredible show for the first time since 2010. It was great to see so many familiar faces (and even more familiar boats) out on the water today. Go Navy! © Jamie Horton Photography

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Rebel Heart

Rebel Heart Such a controversial story. As someone who has sailed upon the open ocean and is now a parent of two young children, I find it especially interesting. The New York Times said it best on their front page headline, "Two Tots, a Sailboat and a Storm Over Parenting."  Click the title above to listen to the first interview from Eric and Char...

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2nd place at the Annual Boatyard Catch and Release Rockfish Fishing Tournament!

Congratulations to Philip Plack and Dr. Rosemary, his 1977 Morton & Hersloff, for placing 2nd in the Annual Boatyard Catch and Release Rockfish Fishing Tournament that took place last weekend! Vic Gue, an angler on the boat, brought home the silver with a 43 1/2" Rockfish. We acquired this unique little listing in February from CRAB- Chesapeake...

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I’ve been thinking of Bermuda a lot these past few days. One of our brokers, Justin Olewack, just completed his Safety at Sea Seminar for the upcoming Newport to Bermuda race in June, and I am planning a celebratory trip to Bermuda as well. All this talk of Dark and Stormy’s and Tobacco Bay has brought up memories of the first time I touched the wa...

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Best Boat of 2014 Take a tour of this X-Yachts Xp 44. It was recently named Best Boat of 2014 by "Sail Magazine" and is a favorite of the Magazine's Executive Editor, Adam Cort. We are honored to be the dealer of such a fine yacht.

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Ice Breaker A Catalina breaks through a thin layer of ice on a cold morning in March.

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Spring Boat Shows are Just Around the Corner

At Forbes Horton Yachts, Spring means more than just flowers in bloom. When we think of Spring, we think of opening hatches, Wednesday Night Races in Downtown Annapolis, and Boat Shows. Don't miss out on the Bay Bridge Boat Show and the Annapolis Spring Sailboat Show coming in April. BAY RIDGE BOAT SHOW April 11-13 The 2014 Bay Bridge Boat Show has...

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A Special Southern Cross

This is a rare opportunity to purchase one of the renowned Thomas Gilmer designed Southern Cross 35’s. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the design, she is an extremely capable craft comparable to the Tayana 37 or Pacific Seacraft 37 in terms of build quality and sails like a performance cruiser with her fin keel and skeg hung rudder. Her co...

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