We love RIBs (Rigid Inflatable Boats). Here's why:

You may have noticed a RIB pass you at high speed while cruising around the harbor. You've most definitely seen them operated by the coast guard and harbor master.  These fast, comfortable and reliable boats are our absolute favorite. Read on to learn why.
  • While RIBs often look fast and furious, skimming the water's surface and almost flying through the air, these vessels are actually very safe when the safety rules are followed.
  • RIBs are suitable for the whole family as even small children can comfortably travel by RIB, even in rougher conditions. They also have a "solid floor", which provide these boats with excellent stability for passengers.
  • RIBs are excellent for sensible novice drivers. They can "feel the sea" and learn how to drive the RIB with waves coming from different angles.
  • RIBs are also very resistant to low-impact collisions as they are manufactured using separate tube chambers that will negate any impact the boat suffers.
  • If you plan to teach your children how to drive or dock a boat, a RIB is an excellent boat to use as it has a protective inflatable collar so that the odd bump won't matter.
  • A 19 ft RIB carrying six passengers with 100 horsepower is likely to be able to travel at a speed of up to 35 miles per hour or 56 km per hour. The absolute fun is that it feels like a very high speed. Your passengers will be thrilled.
  • Another advantage of a RIB is that they are very fuel-efficient due to the lightweight construction. This means that you can have lots of fun using your boat and won't have to worry too much about fuel costs.
  • Lastly, they're really cool. Just ask the Navy Seals.

Take a ride in any RIB and you'll see why we love them so much. If you happen to see us in the harbor, stick out your thumb, you may just get a ride. Or Better yet, check out the RIB listed for sale below and enjoy one of your very own. 

For more information about RIB's check out this article:


Brig Navigator 610 - Forbes Yachts

This Hypalon Brig Navigator for sale is an ideal boat for cruising the bay or as a stand-alone yacht or tender.This Hypalon Brig Navigator for sale is an ideal boat for cruising the bay or as a stand-alone yacht or tender.Fully loaded, and super clean. This Hypalon Brig was used as a yacht tender and has a $5,000 custom towing eye and spectra towing bridal. She has the factory-installed larger fuel tank (32 gallons). This is an ideal boat for cruising the bay or as a stand-alone yacht or tender. 

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