The Energy 48

With modern yacht designers catering to the ever important trend of efficient powerboats the Energy 48 has to be one of my all-time favorites.  Her exquisite sheer and her brightly finished house would lead one to believe that she is descendant of the venerable Jonesport line of lobster boats made so popular by the great Will Frost.  For the oarsme...

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Manatee Encounter

A client of Scott Taylor, cruising off the coast of the Bahamas, took this beautiful shot from a paddle board.

Some Feedback About a Great Boat

FHY broker, Bill Day recently heard back from some very happy and well traveled clients to whom he sold this 1985 Wauquiez 42.The buyers report they…"...have traveled over 7,000 miles since we last saw you.  We spent the winter of 2011-2012 in the Caribbean and went as far south as Dominica.  The following spring we crossed the Atlantic with stops ...

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Experienced Broker

Forbes' son, Hendrix, hard at work."At FHY we pride ourselves as being  innovative and forward thinking with an eye towards harnessing new talent.  Our brokers are of the highest caliber and make excellence a habit."- FHY Owner, Forbes Horton 

The Golden Age of Yachting

"One of the things I remember about the large steam yachts was their characteristic and delightful odor. If you passed under the stern or close to leeward of one of them you smelled the combined odor of the new varnish, linseed oil, brass polish, Havana cigars and champagne, all mingled with engine room smells and the slight odor of teak and other ...

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The challenge of weather planning....Offshore.

When we go for a sail, our first concern is which way is the wind blowing...and how hard? OK, maybe we look for a SUNNY, 80 degree day first-then worry about the wind. We might be on a power yacht...When I plan an offshore passage of 8-10 days duration, I can generally anticipate the first 2-3 days with some confidence but after that, where do I tu...

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One of our all time favorite builds/designs is Tom Gilmer’s 35 Southern Cross Cutter. “Prudence”, has been cruising in the Bahamas this winter and has nestled right up close to the flats to allow for some world-class Bone fishing. Congrats to Mike Stone (Captain of Pru) and to Kirk the first mate and angler! Sailing photo is from a Chesapeake Bay s...

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Colin Archer ~ February Designer of the Month

Photo from the Australian Dictionary of BiographyColin Archer is one of the most influential yacht designers of all time and February’s Designer of the Month. Born in Norway and raised in Australia, Archer was part of a family of sailors. Before beginning his career as a naval architect and shipbuilder, he explored the Fitzroy River in Australia wi...

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Doug Zurn ~ Yacht Designer of the Month

This month’s designer is all about exciting and new yacht design. Doug Zurn, founder of Zurn Yacht Design in Marblehead, Massachusetts, is a contemporary yacht designer focusing on the cutting edge.Zurn spent his youth sailing on Lake Erie. After graduating with honors from the Westlawn School of Yacht Design, he learnt the trade from such giants a...

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New Arrival!

This jewel was hauled to dry storage this week here at Bert Jabin's Yacht Yard.  The architecture and lines of this yacht date back to 1914. For the history of this classic, give us a call over the winter!

Chuck Paine ~ Yacht Designer of the Month

“Yacht design is ART, and it’s only finished when it’s finished.” – Chuck Paine Chuck Paine - Photo from www.painefineart.comBorn in 1944 on the island of Jamestown, Rhode Island, in the middle of Narragansett Bay, Chuck Paine has been making ART since he was a boy. Today, a world famous yacht designer and an oil painter, he started freehanding yac...

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Happy New Boat Owners

A happy message from the new owners of "Free Spirit", a very nice Hunter 410 sold by broker, Scott Taylor, last month."We had a great first week on our new boat. We're very pleased and find the boat everything we wanted. It fits us perfectly and very comfortable, almost like we've owned it for years already. Only problem is the kids can't decide wh...

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Babe II ~ The New S&S 30

With summer just around the corner, S&S comes ever closer to the anticipated release of the reinvented S&S30, Babe II. Back in February, we were excited to tell you about this stunning yacht, originally built in 1935 from the design table of Olin Stephens and rethought for our generation by the same designer just before his death in 2008. W...

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The Annapolis Spring Sailboat Show

The first annual Annapolis Spring Sailboat Show is just around the corner. Next weekend, April 27th through the 29th, City Dock in Annapolis will host sailors and sailboats from all over the world. We will be featuring our very own Windalier and Helena in the show, a classic and a modern classic, built 47 years apart.Windalier is a 1962 58' Sparkma...

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Spring is in Full Swing

It's the first day of Spring and it seems like we have put the cold weather behind us for good. As the temperature continues to rise, the yacht sales spring season has already begun. FHY has already closed two boat sales this month with two more due to close before April begins.Broker, Scott Taylor, recently negotiated the sale of a beautiful Hans ...

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Hospice Cup XXXI Selects 2012 Artist for Annual Poster

Annapolis' annual Hospice Cup is returning in September and the board has just chosen the lucky artist whose painting will serve as the silhouette for the famed charity regatta. Below is the press release from the Hospice Cup:Annapolis, MD – The painting, “Spinnaker Finish,” by Kathyrn Leonard was selected to be represented at the Hospice Cup XXXI ...

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BABE II ~ Sparkman & Stephens 30’

We are proud to represent one of the newest designs from a renowned design firm.  The Sparkman & Stephens 30 was originated in 1935 by Olin Stephens with a design called Babe. She went on to win several off-shore and on-shore races.  In 2005, Olin Stephens was asked which design he would like to see rebuilt and reintroduced using today's state ...

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Happy President's Day!

Happy President's Day from all of us at FHY! President's Day is intended to honor the presidents of the US, however, we find it to be an excellent opportunity to appreciate the beauty of a couple of ex-presidential yachts.THE USS SEQUOIA:The 104 ft long, wooden hulled, USS Sequoia was privately built in 1925 for $200,000. Designed by John Trumpy Sr...

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Our friend and artist!

We are fortunate to have a brightwork genius, Glenroy, home based across the creek from Forbes Horton Yachts. He is from the island of Bequi and is currently taking excellent care of several of the finest yachts on the East Coast.Call us if we can make an introduction!

Matt Rutherford's Epic Journey

Everyone in Annapolis seems to be getting very excited about the return of Matt Rutherford from his amazing non-stop solo sail around the Americas. He is currently working his way up the coast of Brazil. Word is that he is due back in mid-April after departing last June in an Albin Vega 27 that he can't even stand up in. Just for some perspective, ...

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