Our policy in preparing our centrally listed luxury yachts for sale is to give each boat a multi point inspection and a free value analysis in order to accurately develop a marketing strategy. From cruising boats to luxury yachts, if it floats, we've sold it!

Upgrades and Repairs

As Yacht Brokers in Annapolis MD, we have the unique ability to provide sellers of luxury yachts for sale with quotes for upgrades or repairs that could be considered in order to realize the maximum market value of the yacht.

Yacht Detailers

Our Yacht Detailers can make your boat stand tall by routinely keeping her presentable and offer a boat sitting plan that keeps batteries charged and bilges dry. By the time she hits the market, she'll look just like the luxury yacht that she was when she was new.

In-House Technicians

In house technicians provide significant savings and our yacht brokerage expertise helps ensure that any investment made will produce favorable results. We know the cost and the work that goes into maintaining luxury yachts for sale. And we know who to call.


We have hands-on experience with the premiere Luxury Yacht manufacturers in the marine industry.

Whether you are looking to sell a Sabre, Hinckley, Morris, Eastbay, MJM, Nordic Tug, San Juan, Wes Mac, Tartan, X-Yachts, Sea-Ray, or purchase a Shelter Island, Passport, J-Boat, Pacific Seacraft, Tashiba, Taswell, Outbound, Jeanneau, Hallberg-Rassy, Swan, Beneateau, Palm Beach, or Nordhavn, we have the knowledge and experience to ensure a successful transaction.

As professional Yacht Brokers, we do the legwork of previewing any yacht of interest, gathering all pertinent details, performing a thorough market analysis and reporting back before you step aboard. 

At Forbes Horton Yachts, we understand that no matter the brand, all boats are considered luxury yachts by their owner. We help you take the steps needed to get top dollar.

Multi Listing System

The Multi Listing System allows us to show any available yacht and affords buyers the ability to develop a meaningful relationship with us. A thorough understanding of our  client’s needs and goals leads to more efficient showings and a more satisfying experience for all. As your buyer’s agent we will provide expert advice at no cost to you and introduce you to the yacht you have been searching for.


Our network of professional marine tradesman mean that we can assign the right contractor for the task at hand. Whether it is a simple wash and wax on luxury yachts for sale or an engine rebuild on a cruising boat, we have the relationships that ensure our customers are a high priority.


As a boater and an award winning photographer, Jamie Horton’s photos showcase the features that make your yacht stand out amongst the competition. Our listing images speak for themselves. You may even think twice about selling once you see them.


Our 360 degree camera allows buyers to experience your boat as if they were aboard.

Behind the Lens

From lighting to choosing the best angles,  we know the best way to capture and showcase luxury yachts for sale.


We stage select listings with the finishing touches that enhance the beauty of your boat


Our Drone photographer captures your boat doing what she does best. 

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