Six X-Yachts On The Way To The USA!

By the end of April, six X-Yachts are being transported to the East Coast of USA in one transport.

Sevenstar Yacht Transport is taking care of the transportation. All 6 boats will be loaded near Årøsund in Lillebælt.

We look forward to this attraction, from which images and video will follow.  The X-Yachts sold for the US are:

An Xc 35read more about this model
An Xc 38read more about this model
An X4⁹ -  launched in January and testsailed for the first time in March 2018read more about this model
An Xp 44read more about this model
An Xp 55, 2018 Editionread more about this model 
A pre-owned X-482read more about this model
Loading X-Yachts Gallery
Announcing the NEEL 47


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Wednesday, 27 January 2021