Sugar Scoop

The New England winters play tricks on the mind and cause residents to hatch and execute ideas that the less vernalized folks of the Mid – Atlantic would only dream of.  My father decided one winter that SKATER, his beloved Norseman 400, would look and sail better if she had a sugar scoop.  Sounds simple right?  It is not.   After  calling West Marine to confirm that  they did not have one in stock, the decision was made to build one from scratch.   It would take pages to explain the design process and the hours of head scratching that went into the plan so I will only attempt to explain my favorite part.

The scoop These photos show the finished scoop being installed by yours truly and my father, CF Horton Sr., one early spring day circa 1999.  After prepping the transom and dry fitting the scoop, it was commitment time.  We buttered up Grinding TransomSKATER's after sections with west system epoxy, said a few prayers under our breath and mushed the scoop into place.  After we had positioned and bolted the scoop and cleaned the oozing epoxy from the joint, I remember saying  “well dad, I hope you like it”.  I Fitting the partdon’t remember a time now or since of ever seeing my father so nervous.  Epoxy is forever.  I don’t think the yachts designer could have done a better job and she sails faster and looks better than ever.  Maybe those winters aren't so bad after day_12 015mall.

- Forbes Horton
Thomas Gillmer ~ March Designer of the Month

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Guest - SloopDogg on Monday, 21 December 2015 20:19

OMG more pictures and more of the process!!

OMG more pictures and more of the process!!
Tuesday, 19 October 2021

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